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Myriam•K Paris® "Signature" perfume: Refined elegance in a bottle.

Do you dream of a fragrance that captures the essence of Parisian sophistication? With our “Signature” perfume, Myriam•K Paris® offers you this olfactory journey, combining the finesse of orange blossom with the sweet sensuality of peach. For those looking to leave a memorable mark, this fragrance is the perfect signature.

Strong points :

  • Myriam•K Paris®'s first iconic fragrance
  • Dominant notes: Orange blossom, essence of peach, vanilla
  • Suitable for all hair textures
  • Long-lasting for a fragrance that persists

Its strong points:

  • Myriam•K Paris®'s first iconic fragrance
  • Dominant notes: Orange blossom, peach essence, vanilla
  • Suitable for all hair textures
  • Long-lasting for a fragrance that persists.

Signature perfume details:

  • Top note: Orange blossom, with delicate and light accents, intertwines with jasmine to evoke a morning walk in a flower garden in the City of Lights.
  • Heart note: Here, the peach essence offers its sweet and enveloping aroma, reminiscent of tasting juicy fruits under a Parisian summer sky.
  • Base note: The captivating warmth of vanilla harmonizes with these notes, adding a touch of opulence and mystery, reminiscent of chic Parisian evenings. Its refined formula is a true jewel for your skin and hair, enveloping you in this aura of elegance throughout the day.

Why adopt it? :
“Signature” by Myriam•K Paris® is much more than a perfume. It is an olfactory journey, a celebration of femininity in all its most refined aspects. Its wake is a hymn to sophistication, to the modern and elegant Parisian.

Discover “Signature”, and make every moment an unforgettable style statement.



The lists of ingredients used in the composition of Myriam•K Paris® products are regularly updated. Before using any product from our brand, you are encouraged to read the list of ingredients on its packaging to ensure that the ingredients are suitable for your personal use.


Lightly spray our perfume from a distance of about 20-30 cm from your hair.

Myriam's advice: "To spray a perfume on the hair and body, hold the bottle at a distance of 20-30 cm for even diffusion. Favor the pulsation points on the body, such as the wrists and behind the ears, for extended hold. For hair, a light spray is enough to perfume without weighing it down, while avoiding the scalp."

Product benefits

Proudly made in France.

For all hair types.

Not tested on animals.

No ingredients of animal origin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this scent suitable for all seasons, or is it specifically summer or winter?

“Signature” is timeless, perfectly suited to all seasons. Its harmonious combination of fruity and warm notes makes it ideal, whether for sunny summer days or cool winter evenings.

I am sensitive to overpowering fragrances. How would you describe the intensity of “Signature”?

Our “Signature” fragrance is designed to be both subtle and memorable, offering moderate intensity. It's a perfect balance of presence and discretion, never being overwhelming while still leaving a lasting impression.

Is the staying power of “Signature” perfume long-lasting throughout the day?

Absolutely! Our “Signature” fragrance has been formulated to provide a lasting scent, enveloping you in its refined elegance from dawn to dusk.

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