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You will love taking care of your hair with our BAMBOO FLAT BRUSH, an essential accessory for healthy and shiny hair.

Made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials, this brush is made from bamboo, a renewable and natural resource, for guilt-free everyday use.

Its ergonomic shape and large size allow easy and effective brushing, for gentle detangling and stimulation of the blood circulation of the scalp.Use the brush on dry or damp hair, making gentle and regular movements from the ends up. in root.


To get the most benefits from the BAMBOO FLAT BRUSH, always start by brushing your hair from the ends and work your way up gradually to the roots to avoid hair breakage. Use the brush on dry or slightly damp hair, making gentle and regular movements. This method stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp while distributing the natural oils of your hair, guaranteeing shiny and healthy hair. For optimal maintenance, regularly clean your brush with lukewarm water and, if necessary, a little mild soap.

Product benefits

Professional expertise.

Sustainable materials.

Not tested on animals.

No ingredients of animal origin.

Fatu C.

A brush that combines performance and respect for the environment!

Lucy N.

The eco-responsible side is a big plus!

Les questions fréquentes

How to maintain the BAMBOO PADLE BRUSH so that it lasts a long time?

It is simple to clean. Use lukewarm water and mild soap if needed. Air dry it to preserve the quality of the bamboo.

Why choose a bamboo brush rather than another material?

Bamboo is a renewable and eco-responsible resource, which makes this brush an excellent choice for those who wish to take care of their hair while respecting the environment.

Is this brush suitable for all hair types?

Yes, thanks to its ergonomic shape and large size, it is suitable for all hair types, whether dry or wet.

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