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My 2024 Resolution: Take care of my hair with the 5-Step Ritual from Myriam•K

Ma Résolution 2024 : Prendre soin de mes cheveux avec le Rituel en 5 Étapes de chez Myriam•K

At the start of the year, we all want to lay a good foundation to achieve our goals.

For 2024 , why not focus on the health and beauty of your hair?

At Myriam•K, we have developed a 5-step hair ritual that will transform your care routine and help you achieve perfect hair.

Step #1: Deep Cleansing the Scalp

Start by deeply purifying your scalp. Our detoxifying treatment oil gently eliminates impurities, sebum, dandruff and product residue.

Step #2: Deep Shampoo

After cleansing the scalp, proceed to washing the hair. We recommend always using 2 shampoos for effective and gentle cleaning.

Step #3: Nourishing Hair Mask

Once hair is clean, apply our hair mask . This treatment works deeply to nourish and revitalize hair from root to tip.

Step #4: Thermoprotective Spray

Before using a hairdryer or other heating device, protect your hair with our heat protectant spray from the Ripert collection. It forms a shield against external aggressions and preserves the health of your hair.

Step #5: Repair Serum for Ends

Finish your routine with our repair serum applied to the ends. This product leaves your hair soft, smooth and shiny, without weighing it down.

Conclusion :

By following this 5-step hair ritual, you will lay the foundations for healthy, glowing hair all year round.

But don't stop there! We invite you to create your personalized routine today and share your transformations on social media.

Take photos before and after applying your treatments and post them using the hashtag #myriamkbeauty.

Join our community and let us celebrate the dazzling results of your new hair commitment together!


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