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Round Scalp Massage Brush: Stimulates circulation, promotes growth and provides absolute relaxation. Take care of your hair with this ergonomic and soft brush. Give them the care they deserve and enjoy a moment of relaxation. Stronger, healthier hair awaits! Discover our round scalp massage brush, the essential accessory for healthy hair. It stimulates blood circulation, promotes hair growth and provides a feeling of relaxation.

Thanks to its ergonomic design and soft material, this brush offers a comfortable massage, allowing you to fully relax every day.

Don't wait any longer to give your hair the care it deserves and stimulate its growth with our round massage brush. Enjoy a moment of relaxation while taking care of your scalp and promoting stronger, healthier hair.


To take full advantage of the benefits of the Scalp Massage Brush, start by brushing your hair to detangle it. Then, place the brush at the roots of your hair and work in gentle circular motions over the entire scalp, emphasizing any tight or sensitive areas. This action stimulates blood circulation, thus promoting the health of your hair and scalp. For a deeper massage, you can apply slightly more pressure. After use, clean the brush with warm water and let it air dry. Use regularly for best results.

Product benefits

Professional expertise.

Sustainable materials.

Not tested on animals.

No ingredients of animal origin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean the massage brush to ensure its effectiveness?

Just rinse it with lukewarm water and use a mild soap if necessary. Be sure to let it air dry.

How many times per week is it recommended to use the brush for best results?

For maximum benefits, it is recommended to use it every day to stimulate growth.

Is this brush suitable for all hair types?

Yes, its design is made to suit all hair types and provide an effective and gentle scalp massage.

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