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Our elastics are practical, innovative and essential for all women looking for an accessory to tie their hair without leaving traces or marks.

With unique technology, they provide strong hold while reducing hair breakage. Unlike traditional elastics, they do not pull on the hair or leave unpleasant marks. Their unique shape allows them to firmly hold the hair without putting excessive pressure on the scalp.

With our Myriam•K Paris elastics, you can say goodbye to headaches and broken hair. Their elegant and discreet design makes them perfect for everyday use or for special occasions.

Don't wait any longer to discover the advantages of these revolutionary elastics and give your hair the best.


Product benefits

Professional expertise.

Sustainable materials.

Not tested on animals.

No ingredients of animal origin.

Les questions fréquentes

I often have a headache with my current rubber bands. Can your rubber bands help solve this problem?

Absolutely. Our Myriam•K Paris® elastics have been designed to offer a solid hold without putting excessive pressure on the scalp. So you can say goodbye to headaches caused by too tight rubber bands.

My hair is thin and tends to break easily. Are these elastics suitable for my hair type?

Yes, these rubber bands are specially designed to reduce hair breakage. Their unique shape holds hair firmly without pulling, making them perfect for all hair types, including the finest.

Do these elastics leave a mark on the hair after wearing them for a long time?

No, unlike traditional elastics, our Myriam•K Paris® elastics are designed not to leave traces or unpleasant marks on the hair, thanks to their unique technology.

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