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The Myriam•K Paris® silk bonnet is the ideal sleep accessory to protect your hair while giving you a luxurious experience. Made from 100% English mulberry silk, this bonnet is designed to keep you comfortable while you sleep.

Key Features:

Premium Quality: Made from high quality English mulberry silk, the bonnet offers a luxurious feel and exceptional softness. Hair Protection: Smooth and soft silk fabric helps prevent frizz, breakage and moisture loss, ensuring the health and integrity of your hair.

Comfortable fit: The cap is fitted and secure, allowing you to sleep peacefully without worrying about it slipping off during the night.

Breathable and hypoallergenic: The natural properties of silk make it a breathable and hypoallergenic fabric, reducing irritation and keeping your scalp cool and comfortable. Versatile design: The cap is designed to fit different hairstyles, lengths and thicknesses, making it suitable for all hair types.

Elegant and refined: With its elegant and sophisticated design, the Myriam•K Paris® silk bonnet adds a touch of elegance to your sleep routine.


In order to preserve the beauty and health of your hair, as well as the quality of your Myriam•K Paris® silk bonnet, follow these steps for optimal use:

  1. Before to sleep: Make sure your hair is detangled. If you have hair products (like oils or serums) that you use before bed, apply them before you put on your cap.
  2. Placement: Put the hat on your head, making sure that all your hair is well inside. Adjust it for maximum comfort, making sure it's snug, but not too tight.
  3. During the night: If you wake up and the cap has moved, simply replace it. Its form-fitting design should minimize these movements during the night.
  4. The morning: Carefully remove the cap, avoiding pulling or snagging your hair. You should notice that your hair is soft, hydrated and frizz-free!
  5. Interview: Even if the bonnet is easy to maintain, always wash by hand with a mild detergent for silk to maintain its quality. If you choose to machine wash, use a lingerie bag to protect the cup and select a delicate cycle at low temperature. Allow to air dry, away from direct heat sources or sunlight.

By following these tips, you will maximize the benefits of the Myriam•K Paris® silk bonnet, thus enjoying optimal protection for your hair while preserving the durability and elegance of your sleep accessory.

Product benefits

Tames frizz

Sustainable materials

Anti breaks

Protection for delicate hair

Les questions fréquentes

I have very thick and long hair. Can this beanie fit my hair type?

Yes, the design of the Myriam•K Paris® silk beanie is versatile. It's designed to accommodate different hairstyles, lengths and thicknesses, making it perfect for all hair types, including very long and thick hair.

How can I maintain and clean this beanie to prolong its life?

It is recommended to hand wash the silk bonnet gently with a mild detergent and air dry to preserve their softness and shine.

Can this beanie actually protect my hair from damage overnight?

Yes, the Myriam•K Paris® silk bonnet is designed to protect your hair. With its smooth and soft silk fabric, it helps prevent frizz, breakage, and moisture loss, keeping your hair healthy and intact while you sleep.

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