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The "Easy Comb" comb is designed to facilitate the passage of the plates when straightening the hair. It quickly and effectively detangles knots, improving straightening results. this comb is also heat resistant and anti-static, providing an optimal styling experience.

It is suitable for all hair types, be it straight, wavy, curly or curly hair. No matter your hair texture, the "Easy Comb" comb will help you achieve silky smooth hair more easily.

Don't hesitate any longer and give your hair the smooth detangling and straightening it deserves with the "Easy Comb".


Pass the “Easy Comb” comb alternately with the straightening iron plates for optimal detangling and straightening

Product benefits

Professional expertise

Sustainable materials

Not tested on animals

No ingredients of animal origin

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the “Easy Comb” comb suitable for curly hair?

Yes, it is suitable for all hair types, including curly hair. It helps reduce frizz and prepare hair for straightening.

Can you use it on wet hair or do you have to dry it first?

It is recommended to use it on dry or slightly damp hair for optimal results.

Does the Easy Comb work well with hair straighteners?

Absolutely ! The "Easy Comb" comb is designed to withstand the heat of straightening irons and improves the effectiveness of these devices by detangling hair during straightening.

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