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Discover the ancestral secret for smooth and healthy hair: Kardoune. Forget heat and chemicals, opt for this natural method that is suitable for all hair types. Give your hair the care it deserves with the 3 meter long 100% cotton Kardoune.

Myriam's advice: "To obtain optimal results with Kardoune, make sure your hair is clean and slightly damp before applying it."


Here are some tips for using the Kardoune:

  1. Hair Preparation:Start by washing and drying your hair. They must be clean and slightly damp for effective use of Kardoune.
  2. Detangling:Make sure your hair is well detangled to avoid tangling when rolling up the Kardoune.
  3. Position the Kardoune:Hold one end of the Kardoune against your head, near your hairline.
  4. Wind gently:Start wrapping your hair around the Kardoune, keeping gentle but consistent tension. Wrap them evenly along the entire length of the Kardoune.
  5. Fixation :Once your hair is rolled up, make sure the Kardoune is secure to prevent it from slipping. You can tie it or use bobby pins to hold it in place.
  6. Let Dry:Let your hair dry naturally. This method can take several hours, so it's best to apply it before bed and let it dry overnight.
  7. Withdrawal :Once your hair is completely dry, gently remove the Kardoune by unwinding your hair in the opposite direction of winding.
  8. Finishing :Use your fingers to style your hair and achieve the desired style. You can also use a light styling product if necessary.
  9. Repetition :You can use Kardoune as often as you like to achieve silky smooth hair without heat or chemicals.

Myriam's advice: "Leave the Kardoune in place for a few hours, or even overnight, to obtain the best results. The longer you leave it on, the smoother your hair will be."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kardoune work as well as traditional straighteners?

The Kardoune does not use heat, so it does not give as immediate and intense straightening as traditional straighteners. However, it offers a natural alternative that is less damaging to hair in the long term.

How long is the Kardoune and how to use it effectively?

Myriam made a video that you can findhereon Youtube .

Is Kardoune suitable for all hair types?

Yes, Kardoune is suitable for all hair types, whether curly, wavy, or straight. It offers a natural method to straighten hair without distinction.

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