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If you're tired of waking up to tangled, damaged hair, our Myriam•K Paris® pillowcase is the solution you need. It creates a soft, smooth environment for your hair overnight, reducing breakage and frizz. Your hair stays strong and in great shape, ready to face the day.

Forget bad hair days! Our silk pillowcase is designed to eliminate nighttime knots and tangles, leaving you with soft, silky hair every morning. You save time and confidence knowing your hair always looks its best.

Investing in our silk pillowcase means investing in the beauty of your hair. It offers unrivaled protection against nighttime damage, allowing you to maintain healthy hair. Choose hair that is strong, smooth and in better shape.


Washing and Maintenance:Always follow the specific care instructions provided with your silk pillowcase. It can be washed by hand or machine in cold water and a mild detergent specially designed for silk.

Gentle Wash:Use a delicate wash cycle and place the silk pillowcase in a mesh wash bag to avoid excessive friction with other textiles.

Drying:Avoid tumble drying. Choose to dry in the open air by letting the pillowcase dry naturally flat.

Ironing :If necessary, iron the silk pillowcase at low temperature using a cloth or towel between the iron and the silk to avoid marks.

Myriam's advice: "Hair products containing oils or silicones can stain your silk pillowcase. Try to limit the use of these products before going to bed."

Product benefits

Tames frizz

Sustainable materials

Anti breaks

Protection for delicate hair

Les questions fréquentes

Is the silk pillowcase suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, silk is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, making it an ideal choice for sensitive and allergic skin.

Can I use the Myriam•K Paris® silk pillowcase with hair products or hair treatments?

Absolutely, you can use our silk pillowcase with your regular hair products. The high-quality silk used in our pillowcase is soft and strong, meaning it can withstand hair products without being damaged.

Why choose a silk pillowcase rather than cotton?

Silk is softer and smoother, reducing friction that can cause wrinkles in the skin and frizz in the hair. In addition, it retains moisture better in hair and skin.

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